Coffee, mate and chocolate are only virtual here, but hopefully you'll still feel at home in this little home of tango. 

La Rosa is tango. A way of being” that needs to be shared. It finds its expression in the most  beautiful music, dance, words, paintings, photography, in any form of contact… it has no more limits than your own need to express who you are to the rest of us and your hunger to find out about others. The whole spectrum of our emotions is waiting to be said in the tango. 

We want to dance it, so we learn!  Let’s go to school then, and learn the Argentino way. Have a look where, when and how La Rosa runs the classes and send an e-mail, call or just turn up. Join us in our dance nights, the milongas, La Rosa gives you her most beautiful intense music in a space where your heart wants to dance.

And check out what else is going on, whether it's special workshops, performances, trips, what our amigos are up to... Tango is never static, takes you places and makes you meet amazing people.


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