La música...             ...mélodies du coeur

Petits chouchous    A little collection (more here very soon!)  


"Tabou" - Lecuona Cuban Boys


It beats and it whips your feelings in the gentlest way...

"Naranjitay" - Dino Saluzzi


Composed by S.G. Villar - Some kind of memory! a fabulous folklore night at Torquato Tasso with both Jaime Torres and Dino Saluzzi...

Con la frente marchita - Joaquin Sabina - Interpreted by Adriana Varela



"Il n'y a pas d'amour heureux" - Francoise Hardy


Poem by Louis Aragon - See "The dance of words" for the poem...

Nostalgias Santiaguenas- Dino Saluzzi


Malena - Silvia


Gracias a la vida - Tania Libertad